Corporate Events

Trade show, Award ceremony, Annual conference Holiday party… YES WE DO!

Our creativity has no limits and we work diligently to produce flawless events. From conception to conclusion we will handle your event entertainment with meticulous execution, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Our Stories

Surpassing Conventional Expectations

Recently, when a retailer held it’s annual sales force meeting, the message was “There are No Limits – Take it to the Extreme.” The jewel of the summit was a multimedia presentation coordinated by our creative talent and technicians. At 8am, attendees immediately knew they were in for something special. The space they had walked into was dimly lit except for the sophisticated range of prisms hitting our strategically placed swatches of spandex. Lounge grooves throbbed in the background. As everyone was seated, the room became mesmerized in pitch-blackness. Exactly timed, industrial fans tumbled on providing an immediate rush of emotions. The high tech high-speed video message began with a wall-of-sound riveting the entire room. In the moments that followed, we grabbed this audience of savvy salesmen by their attention span and took their emotions to the extreme. This well executed explosion of cues set the tone for each presenter that followed. The combination of showmanship and sensational content elicited the ultimate response. “This was the most inspirational and powerful meeting I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend“, said a sales rep from Buffalo, NY.

Fire & Ice

When is the last time you did something for the first time? On a frigid winter night in Lake Geneva, WI, we passionately produced our South Beach Bash for a group of exhibitors. They needed to be shaken & stirred after long hours on their tradeshow floor. Stylishly costumed performers greeted each arrival with special gifts and garb. While hot music videos and shadow dancers pulsed on the jumbo screen, guests soon thrilled in the high-impact, radio-controlled car racing track, ping-pong tables, exaggerated Twister game, & Oversized Operation game. Some even took home music videos they had performed in. Our team of performers provided non-stop entertainment including a steel drum performance, dance floor volleyball and sand castle builders. “This was an unforgettable experience – like no other“, said a guest from Houston, TX.

A Tasty Treat

For a huge restaurant and food trade show in Chicago, our client needed to set themselves apart and draw attention to their booth. With that in mind, we designed a conceptual game show presentation that spanned 6 days and culminated in sponsored grand prizes. We designed the hourly program challenging attendees with industry products /services trivia. The stage was set with specially designed larger-than-life food props, professional host, video and graphics. With perfect theatrical flair, we transformed this space into an interactive experience filled with the kind of enjoyment that makes learning more meaningful and information stays in the mind. Everyone truly left a WINNER!

Ah-humbug. We need your help!

The owner of a North Shore entertainment company is on the phone and desperate…they have an event in two hours at a prominent venue and do not have a DJ to cover the party. The event in question is a corporate holiday party. Not the end of the world if they don’t have music, but a pretty blah event without it. Despite already having several events taking place that evening, A-Z Entertainment, Ltd. immediately dispatches a performer with gear to the venue. We arrive early and provide quality entertainment to hundreds of happy guests who never even know they came within two hours of having no music at all!